Project overview:


by Dave Meyer

Created in: December 2017

Duration: 6 Months

Last updated: 12/10/2019

Project state: Completed

Project overview

Webapplication with booking system for events arranged by the Diocese Innsbruck within their Eintag.Mehrzeit project.

Project goal

The goal was to develop a website/webapplication in which events can be managed and booked.


  • Management and booking features for three distinct types of users
    • Bildungshaus St.Michael - States when events can take place
    • Katholische Jugend - States which companion accompanies the event
    • Teachers - Book events
  • Calendar in which events are displayed. There, teachers can book available events. The other two user types can manage events
  • Quota management for each type of event
  • Booking system (including cancel option)
  • E-Mail notification (about a new booking) to affected persons. Booking and cancel confirmations are available as PDFs
  • Assistance for teachers on what type of event they should book
    • Recommendation for teachers on what event type fulfills their needs best
    • To do this, a dynamic questionnaire can be filled by teachers
    • Depending on the selected answers, and the grade their school class is in, certain event-filter are preselected
    • Event filter can be changed manually as well
    • Companions can be assigned to events
    • Management of complex time quota for each companion
      • (For example: A certain companion is available on every Monday and every second Wednesday, but only up to three times per month)
  • Statistics site, including Excel download and print mode
  • Query booking data of booked events
  • Landing Page and info sites to explain the Eintag.Mehrzeit project

My responsibilities

  • Design and create a fitting database structure
  • Develop the features above
  • Create and develop the (minimalistic) design for this webapplication
  • Deploy the database and webapplication on provided server

Used technologies

Hypertext Markup Language

Cascading Style Sheet


Hypertext PreProcessor



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