Project overview:

'Aktion Plusminus'

by Dave Meyer

Created in: December 2016

Duration: 2 Months

Last updated: 12/10/2019

Project state: Completed

Project overview

Goal of this project was redesigning and extending of the website 'Aktion plusminus' (campaign plusminus) for the katholic family association of Tyrol. Additionally, a system to order materials for this campaign was also implemented.

This website should display certain information of this campaign for each of the Austrian federal states.

Additional features:

  • Intro sequence
    • A few questions and quotes regarding the topic of 'fasten' are shown during the intro sequence
  • Small poll
    • Users can answer a question at the end of the intro sequence. After that, the percentage of how many previous users have chosen this answer is shown.
  • Display federal state specific information
  • Ordering system
    • Groups of families can order materials regarding the campaign 'plusminus'.
  • Responsive
    • All features are available on different devices (PCs, Tablets and Smartphones) and the website is shown appropriately for every device.

Used technologies

Hypertext Markup Language

Cascading Style Sheet


Hypertext PreProcessor